Visit the Bushmen village.
• Learn about the history of the Bushmen people.
• Accompany women as they gather herbs and medicinal plants.
• Observe how beads are made from ostrich shells and made into jewellery.
• Watch the women perform the drum or melon dance.

• Enjoy a unique experience that combines both culture, wildlife.
• Search for poison grub beetles, sanseveria leaves and branches and watch the men make up hunting sets.
• Follow the Trackers as they search out eland tracks using ancient tracking skills.
• Track, stalk, and hopefully hunt down an eland using traditional bows and arrows.
• Watch the successful Hunters undergo a ritual ceremony led by the elders, receiving tattoos to indicate their passage into manhood.
• Observe a traditional Bushmen feast and trance dance to celebrate the hunt, which is a deeply spiritual experience for the Bushmen people.

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