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Africa has a unique safari for every traveller. What will your travel story be? African safari tours and adventures range from affordable to luxurious, to bucket-list vacations and once-in-a-lifetime holidays. Find the place you’ll spend your thrilling African safari, romantic honeymoon or family vacation. Use our destination map to belowto learn more about African Safari. Get in touch with an Africa Safari Expert to plan a tailor-made tour around your interests, wishes and budget.

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Why travel to Africa?

Home to many of the world’s oldest civilisations, rich in history and overflowing with some of the most diverse cultural collections, Africa is the perfect escape for people from all around the world. It’s that break from those same four walls, that “something different” or “something special” you’ve always wanted to share with your loved ones. Africa is where people explore themselves as much as they do the open landscapes. With everything from wide savannah and grasslands, to rocky mountain slopes, unending desertscapes and moonlit tropical beaches, Africa has it all to offer to the modern adventurer or the hardworking business person who needs that meaningful break.

Set enough time aside to fully enjoy the destinations you choose, and accommodate for your travel time. Think about who you want to travel with and which part of the year you’ll be dedicating to this adventure. Not sure how long you want to stay? Ask our friendly travel experts for recommendations.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to plan your perfect holiday. Book early, secure your rates by paying your deposit and commit to yourself and your loved ones on the trip that you truly deserve. Don’t forget to prepare your passport and visa applications if you need them, and arrange your travel vaccinations. Once you’ve completed your booking you can always ask our friendly travel experts for referrals and assistance.

Be sure to pack enough clothes for both warm and cool weather. Even out on safari or at coastal retreats, the weather can change quite quickly. All you really need, as a first time traveller, is to reach out and connect with your trusty Maps Tours & Travel consultant with any questions you have.

Our friendly travel experts are a call or a click away. Browse through our website or submit your enquiry and let’s get you and your loved ones on that perfect family adventure you deserve.